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For those who want to escape for a while from the real world and escape into Cyberdreams, with some music and images.

I hope that you'll enjoy my homepage, and that reading my words and looking at my drawings will leave you with a good feeling.  There is a story behind each of the pictures.  Stories about the Netherlands, Ireland and Italy and others concerning the earth, the sea and nature, the things that we should cherish and protect.



                                                                   There is no beginning and there is no end.

                                                                            Tomorrow is promised to no-one.

Who am I ?  If  you are curious, about my youth and the city where I was born, Amsterdam and about my twenties in the 70's, I suggest you click on the following pictures.


I was born in 1949 in Amsterdam in the Sassenheimstreet near Sloterdijk station. I lived there till the age of four and then my family moved to a new housing estate in Amsterdam West, which attracted many young families at the time. For the first time we had the luxury of a real shower.
The apartment I lived in with my parents, my brother and my sister was very small and on the second floor.

Winter 1963, the coldest winter as far as I can remember.


Many children lived in my street and we used to play soccer and other games. Unlike today, fights were rare and there were hardly any cars.  We didn't have a television set either.

I went to the Slotermeer primary school and at the age of 12 to the Van Tellegen-U.L.O. highschool.
It was beautiful growing up in the sixties, listening to the first records that I bought:

                     Beatles, Rolling Stones, Dusty Springfield, Adamo,the Searchers, Boudewijn de Groot.


When I reached the age of eighteen I went abroad for a period of two months. A year later I moved to Italy, where I worked in a hotel for Dutch people. Everything was possible in those days. We worked, cleaned rooms, served dinner and then we could hang out on the beach or, in the evening, at the disco. We loved, we made friends, we lived!  It was the real life!

After three years I decided to resume my life in Holland. I found work in a record shop, and that was also an unforgettable time, buying many records and attending concerts by Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Chris DeBurgh

Music always has been very important to me. I cannot live without it.  Classical music, new age, soul/blues, country-rock, hard rock, folkmusic but also Tom Jones, Elton John, and, of course always, the music of the sixties.

                                        These days: Dayna Kurtz, Calexico, Barrelhouse, Bruce Springsteen.



And now dear readers I do a lot of drawing.
My fascination is the sea, the waves, the dunes and Ireland with its music, especially The Fureys.
Their sound is pure and the words they sing reflect life.
But my passion is also the Internet and its possibilities, such as meeting people all over the world.



These days I have gone back to the person that I was back then. For a long time I was unable to draw, but thanks to a friend far away my head became clear and I started drawing again.
I hope that you like my drawings and if you do, feel free to Email me.

I was able to create this page with the help from my friends: Hans Bijlsma, Albino Ranieri, Ed Jonker  and Emilio Rescigno.                                                                                 



Dineke Ackema.


if you don't know Barrelhouses music, click the image



Bergen aan Zee: if you want to know more about this beautiful place on the coast of Noord-Holland, click on the picture: